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Dependent Child Student Visa

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Dependent Child Student Visa

It is a category of visa applied for by students aged 19 years or under, who are dependent on their parents who hold a work visa or a student visa to pursue a PhD.

On the dependent child student visa, your child can study in New Zealand and may be treated as a domestic fee-paying student, which means you don’t have to pay tuition fees to send your child to a primary or secondary school.

It would be prudent to note that not all visa categories have a provision for seeking this category of visa. If your child does not qualify for the dependent child student visa, they may still be eligible for a ‘Fee Paying Student Visa’.

A dependent child on this visa can stay for the same length of time as their parent’s visa, however, if your child wants to study at tertiary level, they must apply for a student visa as an international fee-paying student instead. Some work visa holders are not eligible to support applications for this visa, and you can mail us to know more about it.

Apply for Dependent Child Student Visa

This visa category is for you if you are 19 years of age or under and are your parent’s dependent child. Apply for Dependent Child Student Visa to go to a New Zealand school while your parents work or study in New Zealand. You may even be treated a domestic student which means you don’t have to pay tuition fees to go to school.
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