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Student Visa Onshore

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Student Visa Onshore

You can apply for a student visa to study in New Zealand if you are already here. This is known as an Onshore Student Visa. The conditions are almost the same and you can do the same things with an Onshore Student Visa as an offshore one, i.e. you can study full-time at various educational institutions in New Zealand.

To obtain an Onshore Student Visa you must make an application. That application must include bank statements covering three months that show you have at least $7,500 to live on per semester. In addition, you will need one of three forms:

  • Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry
  • INZ Financial Undertaking form
  • Additional information form if you have a financial guarantee

Other Things You Will Need

  • Proof you have a return flight ticket or the funds to purchase one
  • Your passport
  • Your current valid visa
  • An offer of a place at a recognised educational institution (if you are a new student or entering a new programme)
  • A receipt from that institution confirming you have paid your tuition fees
  • Your student ID card (if you don’t have one you will need to supply a passport photo instead)
  • The application fee

Making the Application

In some circumstances, other information may be needed in addition to the above. For help with the process of applying for an Onshore Student Visa, you should contact Immigration Advisers New Zealand. Call today on +64 9 379 0219.

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