Renew Student Visa

How to Renew Your Student Visa

Renew Student Visa  – One of the conditions of most student visas is they have to be regularly renewed. Renew Student VisaThis is usually so the immigration authorities can check your progress towards achieving the qualification. In most situations, you can renew your student visa easily. Normally you apply for the renewal online or through the educational institution you attend.

You won’t have to renew if you’ve been granted the student visa for the duration of the course. This can be for up to four years. This only applies, however, in certain circumstances. This includes if you go to an educational institution that has a special agreement with Immigration NZ. This agreement lets the institution offer course-length visas. The other situation where you might not need to renew your student visa is if you have a scholarship.

What You Will Need to Show to Renew Student Visa

When renewing your student visa, you will need to show the following:

  • Your results
  • Your attendance record
  • That you are making sufficient progress

How to Apply

If you can apply to Renew Student Visa at the institution you attend all you have to do is bring your paperwork to them. The institution then handles the rest. If you can’t do that you will need to apply online.

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