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Student Visa Extension

It is a category of visa applied for by the students who wish to extend their existing student visa to complete a course that they are currently enrolled in.

Therefore, if you are currently on a student visa and are looking to extend your student visa then this category may be for you. Examples of such instances are:

  • When the duration of your course was more than the duration of your approved visa
  • When you are unable to complete your classes within the duration of your existing student visa.

Although this category is commonly referred to as an extension of a Student Visa, INZ would assess it as a new student visa application. In other words, applicants must not take this application for student visa extension lightly. INZ will assess such applications on all assessment criteria as related to a new student visa application. It will not consider the extension as something of a formality, which at times, students may think. On the contrary, there would be more scrutiny around the student’s previous conduct related to their finances, work rights, attendance, study progress, etc.

You may have to provide additional documents/information to include but not limited to adherence to your previous visa conditions e.g. are as under:

  • All NZ Bank statements
  • All employment records
  • IRD summary
  • Academic progress
  • Attendance record
  • Fund details

Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you take professional immigration advice before you apply for a Student Visa extension.

Renew your Student Visa to continue studying in New Zealand

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