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Submitting Relationship Evidence: Meeting the Criteria of New Zealand Partnership Based Visa Application

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The process of applying for a partnership-based visa may appear to be quite transparent and straightforward. However, there are many challenges that prospective applicants face, which results in their application getting declined. To be able to unite with your partner when your partner is either a New Zealand citizen/resident or holder of a student visa, you must get familiar with the process. By doing so, you would increase the likelihood of getting your partnership based visa application approved.

What You Need to Know About NZ Partnership Visa

There are different types of partnership-based visas, and the category of your application is dependent upon the immigration status of your partner in New Zealand and the purpose of your visit.

The most common types of partnership-based visa include:

  • Work/Visitor visa for a Partner of Worker
  • Work/Visitor visa for a Partner of a Student
  • Work/Visitor visa for a Partner of NZ Citizen/Resident, and
  • Residence visas for Partners of NZ Citizen/Resident

For all relationship-based visas, the relationship between the applicant and the supporting partner must meet the definition of a “partner” as defined by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) – by way of a legal marriage or a civil union, or a de facto relationship.

What supporting documents are required, apart from meeting the health and character requirements should be clear from the start. The documentary evidence required to be submitted to establish your relationship with the partner must be collected and collated.

The list of acceptable evidence could vary depending on the visa type you’re applying for and the kind of relationship you share with the partner.

It can include, but is not limited to, a Marriage Certificate, Photographs of you & your partner together, joint bank accounts, joint rental agreement, social media conversations, and many more. The type of evidence provided will assist the INZ case officer in ascertaining that you and your partner are in a genuine and stable relationship.

Satisfactory documentary evidence is required to be submitted if you and your partner have stayed apart for a considerable period for some reason. This evidence should include – the reasons you were living apart, how long you were living apart and how you kept in touch while apart.

Despite there being a defined process and instructions, many applicants are unsuccessful in obtaining a partnership-based visa. While there could be numerous reasons for application getting declined, the most common reason is that the visa officer assessing the application was not satisfied with the evidence that was submitted.

The proof of the relationship provided with the application must meet the relevant immigration instructions. Providing voluminous and irrelevant documents that will not satisfy the immigration officer, and would diminish the chances of approval.

In many instances, INZ case officer is not even obliged to request more information from an applicant and can straightaway decline the application based on the information on hand. This is where the experience and expertise of a Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA) plays an important role. So, it is ideal to have an LIA advise you who is skilled and familiar with the partnership based visa application process.

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