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The 2021 Interim Visa of Immigration NZ

Interim Visa Immigration NZ

First came the 2021 Resident Visa. Now comes the 2021 Interim Visa by Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

What is the 2021 Interim Visa?

If during the process of awaiting a decision on your application for 2021 Resident visa, your current visa expires, then INZ will give you the 2021 Interim Visa so that you can remain lawful in New Zealand.

How to get the 2021 Interim Visa

If you apply for the 2021 Resident Visa and your current visa expires in the next 7 days you will automatically be granted a 2021 Interim Visa. You do not have to go through the hassle of applying for a visa. It comes into effect the day after the current visa expires. The e-visa will be sent by INZ with proper duration & conditions.


The 2021 Interim Visa will have the same conditions as your current visa provided you hold a work or a visitor visa.

For example: If you hold a Student Visa, you will be granted open student visa conditions, allowing you to study any programme in any educational institute at any location.


The 2021 Interim Visa will be valid for 12 months unless the Resident Visa application is declined or withdrawn within this 12-month period.

If you visa application is declined or withdrawn, the 2021 Interim visa will expire 2 months from the decision date.

Further temporary visa

Some applicants may want to apply for a further temporary visa instead of getting the 2021 Interim Visa. For example: You may want to move from work to study.

In such cases you must apply for a further temporary visa before your current visa expires. If you do not do so, you will automatically be issued the 2021 Interim Visa and will not be able to apply for a further visa.

Resident Visa – if declined or withdrawn

If your 2021 Resident visa is declined or withdrawn, you will be able to apply for further visas only if you hold or have applied for a temporary visa (NOT an interim visa)

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