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Top 7 Options Students Should Consider Studying In New Zealand

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The world is going through a major technological and cultural shift. This has affected the collective society on many levels, especially the job market. The trends are fast changing. The jobs that once carried high demand are slowly disappearing, and jobs that were unheard of till a decade back (like Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Content developer, Cloud computing specialist, etc) have garnered a much higher level of demand.

Very soon, with the increasing usage and dependence on automation and artificial intelligence (AI), a lot more significant changes are expected. Consequently, it could result in the unemployment of those who fail to upgrade constantly and adapt – a concern that even the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates have voiced. (Source, Source)

Needless to say, students must gauge the viability and relevance of their preferred career path keeping in mind the disruptive elements that are being introduced into the pre-existing norms each passing day.

Here are the top 7 options students could consider studying in New Zealand to ensure better career prospects and employability:

  1. Nurse – Healthcare and medicine will continue to flourish in the job market. Nurses, in particular, will see a surge in demand with their roles also expanding to cover virtual health support. General physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and physiotherapists will also enjoy a consistent growth in their respective career trajectories.
  2. Financial Adviser – New Zealand’s tech space has stepped up its pace in recent times, with various promising startups emerging from Auckland and Wellington. Every business – new or old – requires a strong financial department to survive and thrive. This puts financial advisers, along with accountants and finance-related jobs, in a very good position.
  3. Growth Marketer – Marketing is the backbone of business growth and sustainability. But now business owners – particularly the startups – aren’t just looking for marketers but they are looking for growth marketers who can enable their growth at a higher pace. In general, marketing professionals like SEOs, social media marketers, and content creators will be in even higher demand.
  4. Software Developer – In the next decade, IT-related jobs will dominate the employment sector. Software developers will be at the top among them. These professionals, with additional knowledge of AI and machine learning, will enjoy the greater income. In addition, game developers, UX designers, and system administrators will also dictate the future of IT space.
  5. Electrician – While electricians have always been in demand, the need for electricians with knowledge about renewable energy will see a rise. As New Zealand strides towards 100 percent renewable electricity generation by 2030, these professionals will see many high-income opportunities in the next few years.
  6. Environmental Lawyer – The fight for a greener earth and sustainable resources isn’t a fad. It will, in fact, become one of the most important parts of our conversations within a few years. Therefore, lawyers who specialize in this subject will certainly see a huge rise in demand as we move forward.
  7. Data Analyst – You would have most likely heard a lot about big data. You will keep hearing about it all the more in the near future. With numbers and predictive analysis becoming more relevant in decision-making for business owners, data science-related roles like data analyst and data scientist will become more popular. Opting for this as a career choice could be an excellent choice.


Studying courses surrounding these 7 options will play a critical role in securing a better future when you choose to study in New Zealand.

Good luck!

(Source: This post is based on an article published on careers.govt.nz, titled “7 careers with a promising future”. You can check it out here.)


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