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Travelling to New Zealand On Critical Purpose Entry Visa – All you need to know!

Critical Purpose Visa

While the New Zealand borders remain closed to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic & to safeguard the people, there is still hope to enter New Zealand if you have a Critical Purpose Visa.

One must hold a Critical Purpose Entry Visa for travelling to NZ. This visa allows you to enter New Zealand, even though the border restrictions are in place, but only if specific requirements are met.

If you are a critical healthcare worker or need to travel to NZ for humanitarian reasons or if you meet the other very specific requirements of Immigration New Zealand (INZ), then you may be eligible for Critical Purpose Visa.

You cannot apply for a Critical Purpose Visa directly. You have to first lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) explaining the reasons for your travel. You must use the INZ Online Request Form to do this.

NZ is taking extreme precautions to control and prevent the surge of Covid-19 in the country. In light of that, the authorities have become more cautious about whom to allow in the country and whom not to allow.

If the Immigration Officer is satisfied that you have a critical purpose to travel to New Zealand, then INZ sends you an Invitation To Apply (ITA) letter for a Critical Purpose Visa after which you can lodge your visa application. You are given one-month to apply for a Critical Purpose Visa and four-months to enter NZ once the visa is approved.

Currently, there is a huge demand for critical healthcare workers in New Zealand due to the ongoing pandemic. A critical health worker is a person who works in an occupation needed to deliver essential health services in New Zealand for certain employers. This includes registered health practitioners, workers who install, operate or maintain medical equipment, paramedics and ambulance workers, Physician associates and technical & support staff.

Health care workers who want to work in New Zealand and have got a job offer from a NZ based employer must hold a Critical Purpose Visa for travelling to NZ as a health care or disability worker. This visa would allow them to stay in the country for 6 to 12 months. This process can only be carried out if the applicant has an INZ approved employer. Once the person is inside the country, they can apply for a long-term work visa as per the eligibility.

Partners and dependent children of temporary visa holders, NZ citizens & residents can also apply for this visa provided they meet the strict INZ specifications.

The process may seem long but keeping in mind the importance of the visa, the process is worth the wait.

Click on the link here to know more about the reasons you can travel to New Zealand.

If you are not sure if you meet the requirements for a critical purpose visa/relationship-based visa or would like to know how you may be able to qualify, please contact Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd by sending email at contact@nzimmigration.info or call us today on +64 09 3790219

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