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Understanding the Accredited Employer Work Visa for New Zealand

Understanding the Accredited Employer Work Visa for New Zealand

Are you looking to work in New Zealand? The Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV¨ allows eligible employers to sponsor highly-skilled workers from overseas to live and work in New Zealand on a temporary basis.

This type of visa is ideal for positions that require specific skills, qualifications and experience that are not readily available in the local New Zealand job market. This visa is designed to make it easier for employers in the country to fill job vacancies.

What is an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

The Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) is a visa that allows employers to employ migrant workers in New Zealand. Companies and organizations that are accredited by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) can use this visa to hire skilled migrants with the right skills, qualifications and experience for open positions.

Three-check process

There is a three-check process for the AEWV –

To be eligible for this visa, an employer must first apply and be approved as an accredited employer by INZ. The process of becoming an accredited employer involves demonstrating that the organization has undergone a thorough recruitment process involving due diligence checks and meets certain standards regarding employee wages, training, workplace conditions and other workplace practices.

To know about the types of accreditations, click here. To know more about employer accreditation, click here

  • Job Check

The accredited employer must have an approved Job Check form INZ. It is to make ensure that the employment is acceptable, i.e. minimum work hours are met, the job pays the market rate, and there is compliance with employment laws.

For Information about how to do a successful Job Check, refer to these informative links:

Link 1   Link 2

  • Work Visa

Once steps 1 and 2 are completed, the migrant worker can then apply for an AEWV, provided they meet the required eligibility and/or advertised criteria.

Eligibility criteria for the AEWV

An applicant must demonstrate that they meet the following requirements to be eligible to apply for this visa –

  • Must meet the health & character requirements of INZ
  • You must show that you have the qualifications, skills & work experience required for the job
  • Have occupational registration, if required
  • Not be required to serve a stand-down period
  • The job offer must be from an accredited employer with a compliant history with INZ & it must be full-time, i.e. at least 30 hours a week.

An employment agreement must include details like –

  • The employer’s name, address & telephone number
  • Your name and address
  • The job title
  • Your workplace address
  • The type of work you will be doing and your duties &responsibilities at work
  • Required qualifications or work experience
  • If any New Zealand registration is required to do the work
  • Hours of work and how long the work will be for
  • The duration of the job offer
  • Pay & work conditions that comply with New Zealand employment law.

Duration of the AEWV

The AEWV can be issued for up to 3 years depending on certain factors like the wage rate etc.

Visa Conditions

This is not an open visa. The AEWV will allow the migrant to work only for a particular employer, in a particular role & in a particular location. Remuneration details will also be mentioned on the visa.

Bring partners and children to New Zealand

Those granted entry on this visa can bring their partners & dependent children with them when travelling to New Zealand.

Until 31 May 2023

AEWV holders can support –

  • a work visa for the partner if they earn at or above the median wage. The partners will have open work rights and can work for any employer
  • a visitor visa for the partner if earning below the median wage
  • a visitor or student visa for dependent children if earning NZD 43,322.76 a year

From 31 May 2023

The following rules will apply to partners of AEWV holders –

  • Partners can only work for an accredited employer and must be paid the median wage
  • If the partner’s role is covered by a sector agreement, they can be paid below the median wage but must be paid the wage threshold.

For more information about the rights of partners of AEWV holders from 31 May 2023 onwards, check out these informative links:

Link 1 – Informative article

Link 2 – Interesting video

Benefits of the AEWV for the employer:

  • Access to a larger pool of skilled workers:

By becoming an accredited employer, businesses can recruit skilled workers from overseas who might not be available locally.

  • Faster processing times:

Accredited employers enjoy faster processing times for work visa applications, which can help businesses to fill skills gaps more quickly.

  • Reduced paperwork:

Accredited employers are not required to provide as much documentation as non-accredited employers when applying for work visas, which can save time and resources.

  • Flexibility:

Accredited employers can sponsor multiple migrant workers for work visas under one application, making it easier for businesses to manage their workforce.

Benefits of the AEWV for the employee:

  • Long-term prospects:

AEWV holders may be eligible for a pathway to residency, which can provide long-term stability for migrant workers.

  • Ability to bring family:

AEWV holders can bring their partners and dependent children to New Zealand on a visitor visa or a work or student visa if they are eligible.

  • More favourable work conditions:

AEWV holders may be entitled to better work conditions, such as higher wages and access to employment dispute resolution services.

At Immigration Advisers NZ Ltd., our experienced advisors are dedicated to helping migrants understand how best to use this visa as part of their international growth strategy. Our team can assist with all stages of your application – from eligibility assessment through to submission – ensuring your journey towards working in New Zealand is smooth and 3trouble-free!

Get in touch with Immigration Advisors New Zealand Ltd, which provides up-to-date immigration information so you can consider opportunities and prepare yourself for the future. To know all the required procedures, contact us at contact@nzimmigration.info or call on +64 09 3790219.

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