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Work Experience Claims Eligibility: Updates to Work to Residence Instructions

Work Experience Claims Eligibility: Updates to Work to Residence Instructions

In a recent update to the Work to Residence instructions, a minor yet significant wording change has been implemented to eliminate an inconsistency that previously restricted the claiming of work experience for occupations that have been removed, or may be removed in future, from the Green List, Care Workforce sector, and Transport sector lists. This alteration now allows individuals to claim work experience from the commencement of their employment in an eligible role, provided the occupation was featured on the relevant list at any time within the 24-month work experience timeframe.

Removing Limitations for Work Experience Claims

The modification addresses a key issue regarding the limitation on claiming work experience for roles that have been removed or are subject to removal from the Green List, Care Workforce sector, and Transport sector lists. By allowing individuals to cite work experience based on when they commenced work in a qualifying position, regardless of subsequent list changes, the updated instructions offer more fairness in evaluating applicants’ professional work experience.

Ensuring Equitable Assessment Criteria

This adjustment ensures that individuals are not unduly penalized for changes in occupational classifications or list revisions that may occur over time. It acknowledges the value of practical experience gained during periods when specific occupations were recognized, even if they are later modified or removed. This change aligns the assessment criteria with a more inclusive and forward-thinking approach, promoting a fair evaluation process for all applicants seeking Work to Residence opportunities.

Facilitating Transparency and Clarity

By clarifying the eligibility criteria for claiming work experience, these revised instructions aim to enhance transparency and provide clear guidance to applicants navigating the Work to Residence pathway. The emphasis on recognizing past employment history within the defined timeframe, irrespective of subsequent list alterations, aims to streamline the application process and ensure that relevant experience is duly acknowledged and considered.


In conclusion, the recent wording adjustment in the Work to Residence instructions represents a positive step towards streamlining the evaluation process and promoting fairness in assessing work experience claims. By removing limitations related to list changes and allowing individuals to leverage their full professional work experience, this change underscores a commitment to equitable assessment practices and acknowledges the value of diverse work experiences in immigration settings.

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