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Visa Application: Why Must You Always Declare Your Previous Visa Refusals

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How does Immigration New Zealand perceive previous visa refusals?

While applying for any visa to Immigration New Zealand (INZ), it is imperative to disclose all material information, facts, circumstances while applying for a visa. If your circumstances have changed during the processing of the visa, the applicant is obligated to inform their Immigration Officer or INZ of the same. This will include any visas declined of the applicant, whether in the past or current by any country. It is vital to note that it would not matter if the applicant was a child/dependent or an adult when their visa was refused by any country.

What must an applicant know when filling visa application?

Often, applicants think that it is not important to disclose previous declines of any visa by any country. This non-declaration leads INZ to believe that there has been a concealment of relevant information by the applicant or their representative. It is deemed that the applicant or their representative have submitted false and misleading information or withheld relevant / material information that was potentially prejudicial to the grant visa. This may possibly lead the Immigration Officer to send a potentially prejudicial letter (PPI) raising character concerns.

Why must previous visa refusals always be declared?

It may be worthwhile to know that New Zealand along with United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada and Australia form the Migration 5 unit. Furthermore, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, under which INZ is part, has implemented a system Secured Real Time Platform, where it interfaces with systems of the Migration 5 countries to enable sharing of identity data. Thus, this alludes that INZ will eventually identify the previous decline if the applicant or their representative did not declare it.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance for the applicant to understand that they have an obligation to declare any visa refusals in their visa application.

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