Specific Purpose or Event Visa

Applying for a Specific Purpose or Event Visa

If you plan to come to New Zealand for a specific purpose or event, a Specific Purpose Work Visa is the type of visa you will need. Event VisaThis includes coming to New Zealand for a specific business purpose (such as on a secondment), if you are a specialist installer, or you provide specialist services. Other common examples include people involved in sports – players, professional coaches, nurses from the Philippines seeking occupational registration, and more.

Specific Purpose or Event Visas are time limited. It depends on what you are coming to New Zealand to do, but most of them are limited to 12 months or less.

The various requirements for specific purposes or events is in the chart below:

Specific Purpose or Event

  • Senior or Specialist Businesspersons (for short-term secondments)
    An offer of employment either in a substantial New Zealand company or a New Zealand subsidiary of an overseas company.
  • Sports Referees or Show, Display or Exhibition Judges
    A written invitation to referee sports events or judge shows, displays, or exhibitions; or
    A schedule of events from an organisation in New Zealand.
  • Dance and Music Examiners (must be for recognised international teaching institutions)
    A written invitation or offer of employment to conduct examinations in New Zealand.
  • Pastors and Lay Missionaries
    A written guarantee of accommodation, maintenance and repatriation from a sponsoring body in New Zealand.
  • Installers or Servicers of Specialised Machinery or Equipment (machinery or equipment must be supplied by an overseas company)
    Provide evidence that installing or servicing the equipment in New Zealand is a condition of purchase.
  • Entertainers, Performing Artists, Film and Video Production Crew, and Associated Support Personnel (must be to engage in any form of private or public performance or work on any film or video production in New Zealand)The promoter, agent or producer will need to provide the NZIS with evidence the agreement of the appropriate New Zealand Union or Professional Association has been obtained for entry.
  • Business Investor category Principal Applicants
    Must be a Business Investor category principal applicant investigating direct investment opportunities and/or making direct investments in New Zealand.
  • Chief Executives or Senior Staff (of multinational companies)
    Must be an employee of a multinational company for which similar applications have been approved.
  • Sports Players and Professional Sports Coaches
    Must be taking up a paid position in a New Zealand sports club and have a written offer of employment from that club.
  • Other
    Must be able to show that you need to come to New Zealand for some other specific purpose or event and that the circumstances justify the issue of a Work Visa/Permit under this policy.

Specific Purpose Work Visa Requirements

  • You must have specific skills related to the purpose you are coming to New Zealand for
  • You must be able to define how long you will be here for
  • You can’t have a current visitor visa as the parent or guardian of a child studying in New Zealand
  • You can’t work in the entertainment industry – if you do, you must apply for an Entertainers Work Visa

Getting Your Visa

One other thing you should remember about a Specific Purpose Work Visa is that your application cannot include your partner or children. If you want them to come to New Zealand with you they will need a separate visa. We can help you with this process as well as applying for your Specific Purpose or Event Visa.

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