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Want To Study In New Zealand At Victoria University Of Wellington? This Is A Must-Attend Webinar

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New Zealand not only homes some of the finest institutes in the world, but it also boasts a plethora of career opportunities and an incomparable lifestyle.

This is perhaps why the country has emerged as a go-to destination for thousands of international students worldwide to pursue higher education.

If you’re one of these students, welcome aboard! 🙂

The Little (And Big) Questions Answered

Studying in New Zealand can be exciting. However, getting admission in the right university (and for the program) has its dynamics.

Beyond the benefits of pursuing students in this country, a lot more factors must be considered, including the scholarships, work opportunities after completing the course, and the way to acquire the NZ residence visa.

It could all be very confusing and overwhelming for the students.

After all, it’s a big life decision that will navigate the rest of their future. Being sure of every aspect and taking the right steps is almost essential.

This is why this webinar is a must-attend for these students who are actively (or passively) planning to study in New Zealand. The webinar will answer all of their – yours – little and big questions.

Why Attend?

Victoria University of Wellington is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious tertiary institutions. It has upheld the highest of standards all these years, boasting a proud tradition of academic excellence. The university offers a range of courses for students to choose from.

Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd. is a leading Auckland-based immigration services providers. On the back of a large and diverse team that includes licensed immigration advisers, it has worked with 1,000+ clients to date. It remains committed to helping international students with all their NZ immigration needs.

Together, Victoria University of Wellington and Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd. is bringing you this webinar, which will cover an insightful discussion around topics and queries that students aspiring to study in NZ usually have.

Here are some topics that you’ll learn more about:

  • Benefits of studying in New Zealand
  • Work opportunities after completion of the course
  • Possible pathways to gain residence in New Zealand
  • Which professions are in demand in New Zealand
  • Courses offered by Victoria University of Wellington (VUW)
  • Scholarships offered by VUW
  • And more…

Ms Andrea McLeod-Karim will be the guest speaker at the webinar. She is the International Regional Manager of Victoria University Wellington. She will be in conversation with Vandana Rai and Himanshu Rai; Senior Licensed Immigration Advisers at Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd. They will cover the mentioned topics and address common queries of international students.

Attend The Webinar (Book Your Seat Now!)

“Study in New Zealand”
Education Provider: Victoria University of Wellington
Date: 7th July 2020
Day: Tuesday
Time: 5:00 PM New Zealand Local Time
Host: Vandana Rai and Himanshu Rai, Senior Licensed Immigration Advisers
Guest Speakers: Andrea McLeod-Karim, International Regional Manager, Victoria University Wellington

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Vandana Rai

(LIA 201400900)

Vandana Rai is a Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser and has built a reputation around her rare set of skills, which could be considered ideal for her legal profession.

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