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When do you need a Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA)?

When do you need a Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA)?

Who is a Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA)?

A Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA) has specialised expertise in New Zealand immigration matters and is licensed to advise unless explicitly exempt under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007.

When is a LIA required?

A visa applicant doesn’t need to engage the services of a Licensed Immigration Adviser but doing so can be highly advantageous. If your case is straightforward, you are confident you are eligible for a New Zealand visa, and you have the required documents and evidence, you may be able to make a successful immigration application without external help. However, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of an immigration adviser if any of the following apply:

You’re not sure if you’re eligible

This is one of the biggest concerns that many of our clients express. For example, if you are unsure if you meet the eligibility requirement, how close you are to meeting it, or even how you can meet it in future, an LIA can advise you. An LIA can also check and let you know if your spouse can become the primary applicant.

Your matter is complex

We deal with the most complex immigration cases, and there is almost nothing we have not handled successfully before.

You have already been declined

If you have already received an unfavourable decision (i.e. a visa decline letter) on your immigration application, you must engage the services of an LIA. Often you will only have a short time to challenge or appeal a decision, and hence hiring an expert in immigration to represent your case will give you the best chance of responding correctly and on time.

You are short of time

If you need to secure a decision quickly, perhaps to start work in New Zealand by a specific date or to join a family member, we will ensure that the time to get a favourable decision is as short as possible. We do this by submitting a decision-ready application with sufficient evidence and information to remove any reason for delay. Also, suppose you have a very busy schedule and don’t have the time to apply. In that case, we can handle the whole process for you – this can be particularly beneficial if your application involves gathering many supporting documents and includes several family members.

You have a poor immigration history

Suppose you have an adverse immigration history (e.g. the previous visa declines, deportation record, banned from entering a country, submitting false or fraudulent documents etc.) or have a criminal background. In that case, an LIA will be able to advise on the best way forward in light of your circumstances.

Your visa type has a high decline rate

Some visa applications have a higher decline rate in INZ than others; even some countries are deemed at higher risk than others by INZ. In addition, the documents checklist available on the INZ website can prove an applicant’s nemesis if not interpreted correctly. Therefore, engaging in an LIA will significantly boost your chances of securing a favourable decision.

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