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Why is Immigration declining almost 50% of WD1: Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted) applications at Auckland Central office?

Post Study Work Visa

Why are so many Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted) applications of International students being declined in Auckland, New Zealand?

Concerns Identified resulting into declined applications

As per the media reports there has been a sudden spike in the number of applications declined, which had been lodged under Post Study Employer Assisted Work Visa category. Going by the feed back and experience the major reason (s) for the declines have been as under:

  • The applicant was unable to satisfy immigration officer that the offer of employment provided practical experience, which was relevant to the qualification
  • The applicant did not hold an offer of full-time employment relevant to that qualification
  • The major subject area and level of the applicant’s qualification was not directly applicable to the employment
  • The qualification was not a key factor in the employer’s decision to employ the applicant in that position
  • There was no clear link visible between the qualification studied by the applicant and the job description provided.

Way forward and precautions to be taken

The way forward and precautions required to be taken to minimise the risks of getting a negative outcome for such applications lodged could be as under:

  • Ensure that the major subject area and level of qualification is directly applicable to the employment
  • Ensure that the qualification is a key factor in employer’s decision to employ the applicant in that position
  • Ensure that there is a clear link existing between the qualification and the job description
  • Ensure that the tasks being performed in the job are relevant to papers studied as part of the qualification
  • Ensure that the learning outcomes of the subjects studied are relevant to the day to day work being performed in the job.

Job description should mention tasks that are directly applicable to the learning outcome of the qualification.
Should you still get a Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) from Immigration case officer, please be rest assured that Immigration is now posturing itself to decline your application, hence give it the attention it deserves and book an appointment by mailing at contact@nzimmigration.info


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