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Why Should You Use A Licensed Immigration Adviser?

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In New Zealand, providing immigration advice is a licensed and recognised profession. Anyone who advises you about New Zealand immigration matters must be licensed, or exempt from holding a license.

You can incur a fine of up to NZ$100,000 and/or up to seven years imprisonment for providing unlicensed immigration advice. The fine and imprisonment would be there even if the person does not charge a fee for that advice.

Employers and recruiters can support candidates to get a visa. Still, they must not provide them with immigration advice as part of the process, unless they are Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA) or exempt.

Benefits of Using a Licensed Immigration Adviser?

It would be best if you considered using an LIA for several reasons. Immigration policies and instructions are continuously changing, and an LIA can ensure that you meet the updated and relevant immigration instructions. It is essential to submit your application in line with the immigration instructions to get a positive outcome. INZ could decline or raise/record concerns on your application if you do not get the instructions correct. The concerns could affect your profile in immigration adversely and could come back to haunt you in any future visa applications that you may decide to lodge.

For applicants, not getting it correct the first time can delay/jeopardise their immigration journey, which could cause undue stress.

For employers undertaking immigration processes for their migrant employees, there are many associated risks, one of giving unlicensed immigration advice and the other of the consequences of getting it wrong.

How to Check the License of Immigration Adviser

The Government’s Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) (www.iaa.govt.nz) provides information on who can give New Zealand immigration advice and explains how to complain if you are unhappy. They also provide a useful guide about LIA’s.

Before appointing, an adviser, check the register of LIA given on the IAA website to make sure the person you are engaging has a valid immigration adviser license. Check the license expiry date and type of immigration license. (some advisers may only be able to advise on limited areas).

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