Why US

We’re the Immigration Expert Who’s On Your Side

Immigration law in most countries is complex, and New Zealand is no different. This is understandable when looking at the issue objectively, but if you’re looking to come or stay here the system can be frustrating. At NZ Immigration Advisers, we take as much of the frustration out of the process as possible.

We do this by offering you a range of services. This could involve giving you expert immigration advice, assisting you with a visa application, dealing with Immigration New Zealand on your behalf, handling a returned application, and more.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

You can, of course, make a visa application yourself. You can do it online, you don’t need an immigration adviser, and you don’t need to take professional advice. Here are the reasons you should use a professional immigration adviser, however:

  • The process is complex and easy to get wrong
  • Getting an application wrong will cost you time and money
  • Getting an application right, however, will mean you can take advantage of opportunities in New Zealand faster than you otherwise could
  • Using an immigration adviser makes the process less stressful

Why Choose Us?

We have extensive experience of immigration law in New Zealand and have dealt with countless numbers of scenarios. This means we will know the best way to advance your application. In addition, you will benefit from our complete professionalism, friendly attitude, and attention to detail.

There are no shortcuts or easy ways to immigrate to New Zealand or obtain a visa. The only way is to go through the immigration process as efficiently as possible. We will help you do that.

Find out more about our services or get specific immigration advice by calling us today on 09 3790219.