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Specific Purpose or Event Visa

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New Zealand Specific Purpose Work Visa

There are many reasons for travelling to New Zealand – tourism, studying, work, visiting family etc. Travelling for work generally includes attending business meetings or conferences, short-term or long-term secondments, working for another company branch, conducting audits, installing machinery or software etc.

There are multiple sub-categories within the Work Visa category. Certain work-related purposes of travel fall under the NZ Specific Purpose or Event Visa category.

What is the New Zealand Specific Purpose Visa

The NZ Specific Purpose Visa is a visa that allows you to enter New Zealand for a specific purpose or event. For example, the specific purpose or event could be coming on secondments, business people being transferred, sports players, coaches, judges/referees for an event, entertainment industry workers such as entertainers, performing artists, film & video production crew and associated support personnel.

The New Zealand Specific Purpose Visa allows you to work only for a specific employer to complete a specific purpose or event.

If you are in New Zealand as a Guardian accompanying students to New Zealand, you are not eligible to apply for this visa.

NZ Specific Purpose Visa duration

This Visa duration depends on how long you must stay in NZ to complete the specific purpose or event.

Applying for another Specific Purpose Visa NZ

Suppose you are already in New Zealand on a Specific Purpose Visa NZ and want to extend your stay/ want to apply for another NZ Specific Purpose Visa. It is usually not allowed unless the Immigration Officer is satisfied that a further visa is required to complete the original specific purpose or event.

Partners and Dependents

You cannot include partners & dependent children in an NZ Specific Purpose Visa. However, they can apply for a visa based on their relationship with an NZ Specific Purpose Visa holder.

Do you think you have a specific purpose for traveling to New Zealand?

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