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Some Respite For Partners And Dependent Children Of Temporary Visa Holders

Temporary Visa NZ

Partner and Dependent Children Of Temporary Visa NZ Holder

How much you have waited to meet your loved ones! After getting the information below, a lot of families seem relieved that the wait is now over. Yes, Partners and dependent children of temporary visa holders who are currently outside New Zealand may be eligible to travel to New Zealand under this border exception category, which will come into effect on 30 April 2021.

The border exception is for the following three groups:

  1. Partners and dependent children who held (and continue to hold) a visa for New Zealand but were unable to join their partner or parent in New Zealand before the border closed.

To be eligible to enter New Zealand under this group, partners or dependent children outside of New Zealand must hold a current visa based on their relationship with the person in New Zealand. The partner or parent must be currently in New Zealand and have 12 months or more remaining on their work or student visa when the request to travel is submitted.

  1. Partners and dependent children of workers employed in critical health services.

Doors are now open for Partners and dependent children of workers employed in critical health services who are currently in New Zealand and hold a valid visa for 12 months or more, specifying they work in an occupation needed to deliver critical health services in New Zealand.

  1. Partners and dependent children of highly-skilled workers

Partners and dependent children of highly-skilled workers, working and living in New Zealand on a temporary visa that is valid for 12 months or more, earning at least twice the median salary, which is currently NZ $106,080 per year, are also now eligible for a border exception.

The person in New Zealand must also meet one or more of the following:

  • they have unique experience and technical or specialist skills not readily obtainable in New Zealand
  • they have a role essential for the completion or continuation of a science programme under a government-funded or partially government-funded contract, including research and development exchanges and partnerships, and have the support of the Science, Innovation and International Branch at MBIE to carry out this work
  • A role essential for the delivery or execution of one of the following:
    • an approved major infrastructure project, or a government-approved event or a major government-approved programme
    • an approved government-to-government agreement
    • work with a significant wider benefit to the national or regional economy.

In your request to travel, you will be asked to provide information from the person’s employer in New Zealand to prove eligibility.

If your request is successful, you will be invited to apply for a visa. Your visa application must provide evidence of your relationship with your partner or parent in New Zealand.

If you have any questions or require information regarding your situation, contact Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd at contact@nzimmigration.info or call on +64 09 3790219

Reference: immigration.govt.nz

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