Buying Bonds

Buying Bonds in New Zealand

If the visa you are applying for has an investment requirement, bonds are one of the options available to you. This includes bonds issued by the Government in New Zealand – these are known as Kiwi Bonds. You can buy them from some banks as well as from some stock brokers, accountants, investment advisers, investment brokers, and solicitors.

You can also buy bonds from local authorities, companies that trade on the New Zealand Debt Securities Market (NZDX), New Zealand companies with a BBB credit rating or above, banks registered in New Zealand, or New Zealand finance companies.

Buying Bonds – Getting the Help You Need

Like other modern economies, there are regulations governing buying bonds in New Zealand. In particular, you must be a New Zealand resident. In addition, only certain individuals or companies can sell bonds – some of them are mentioned above.

At Immigration Advisers New Zealand, we can give you detailed advice on buying bonds to meet the investment criteria of your visa. We can also help you find a suitable broker or investment adviser, and we can assist you with anything to do with your visa application.

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