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Deportation Appeal

Deportation Appeal

Depending on your circumstances and the time the deportation liability arose, you may be able to appeal against your deportation liability.  You cannot, however,  appeal if the last visa you held was a Limited Visa.

If you would like to appeal and are in New Zealand unlawfully, you must do so within 42 days of becoming unlawful, or within 42 days of receiving confirmation that your last visa application was declined. If you are liable for deportation for other reasons, you will normally have 28 days to appeal starting from the time you are given a deportation liability notice.

These appeals are heard by the Immigration & Protection Tribunal, which is administered by the Ministry of Justice.

What happens if you are deported

If you are deported, a prohibition or exclusion period may be imposed on you. You may not be able to travel to New Zealand while any prohibition period is in force and until any costs of deportation are repaid.  If you wish to travel to New Zealand, you can request a special direction, however, Immigration New Zealand is not obligated to consider such requests or provide reasons if the special direction is not granted.

If you have been served a deportation liability notice or want to request for a special direction if previously deported, then, we at Immigration Advisers New Zealand can help you.

To find out more about how to appeal against a deportation liability notice, assessment criteria and the pitfalls that you should be aware of, please call us today on 09 3790219 or email

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