Sponsor Visa Applications

Sponsoring a visa application can help the applicant get a visa to come to New Zealand. It doesn’t guarantee approval of the visa, but it does, in many situations, help. You have a number of obligations as a sponsor so it is important you understand what they are before undertaking the responsibility.

It is also important to understand the sponsorship system if you are the visa applicant. If you have any queries on how it works or would like help or advice with anything to do with your application, get in touch with NZ Immigration Advisers today.

Sponsorship – Who Can Do It and What’s Involved?

Both individuals and organisations can sponsor visa applications:

  • Individuals – New Zealand citizens and most people with permanent residency status
  • Organisations – companies, charitable trusts, incorporated societies, government agencies, universities, and other educational institutions.

You will have to meet additional criteria to be accepted as a sponsor. For example, if you are sponsoring a visa application as an individual you cannot be serving a custodial sentence or be bankrupt. In addition, no individual or organisation is allowed to sponsor visa applications for financial reward, i.e. being paid to do it.

You can sponsor an individual or sponsor everyone on the application, i.e. the applicant’s partner and/or dependent children.

Sponsorship Responsibilities

  • Ensure the applicant’s health and welfare is looked after (food, healthcare, clothing, etc)
  • Ensure the applicant has somewhere to stay
  • You must pay for the applicant to return to their own country if they can’t
  • If the applicant is being deported, you must pay for any costs that arise as a result of the deportation

You cannot withdraw your sponsorship at any stage once it has been accepted, i.e. it remains in force until the applicant gets a new visa or leaves New Zealand.

For more help and advice with sponsorship of visa applications, please call NZ Immigration Advisers on 09 3790219.