Entrepreneur Work Visa

Getting an Entrepreneur Work Visa

An Entrepreneur Work Visa may be for you if you plan to come to New Zealand and work in your own business. Entrepreneur Work VisaIt is a time limited visa – 12 months for you to get the business started and then a further 24 months where you can work in and run your business.

While it is time limited, it can lead to permanent residence providing the business operates successfully and achieves the projections made in your business plan.

You can either start a new business or you can buy a business that is already in operation in New Zealand. In addition, your partner and dependent children can be included on your application so can come to New Zealand to live with you if you are successful.

Under certain circumstances, Immigration New Zealand may agree to extend this visa for an additional three years. This extension will only be granted once, however.

Entrepreneur Work Visa Requirements

  • You must have at least NZ $100,000 (excluding working capital) to invest in the business. Immigration New Zealand can decide to waive the requirement for capital investment if the business is in the ICT, science, or other export areas. To qualify for the waiver, you must demonstrate that the business will bring a high level of innovation to New Zealand as well as having high short term growth prospects.
  • You must have a comprehensive and convincing business plan that is no more than three months old, and you need 120 points or more on New Zealand’s points scale. This points scale reflects the likely success of your proposed business and its value to New Zealand.
  • You must not have a recent history (within the last five years) of bankruptcy, business failure, or fraud.

Applying for an Entrepreneur Work Visa

Like most visas in New Zealand, the process of making a successful application can be involved and complicated. It is, therefore, beneficial to get professional advice from a licensed immigration adviser. Immigration Advisers New Zealand are licensed plus we have extensive experience with this type of visa application. Our work on this type of visa will include:

  • Advice on the process and documentation required as well as the business type, business structure, market considerations, possible complications, and anticipated timing
  • Liaison with industry participants and specialist advisers if appropriate
  • Assistance with the preparation of your Business Plan
  • Advice on the preparation of your Entrepreneur Visa application
  • Checking all the documentation prior to lodgement
  • Specific submissions to address the merits of your particular business case
  • Lodgement of your application and then liaising with Immigration New Zealand.

Additional services available as required:

  • Register your company
  • Open bank accounts
  • Arrange for a funds transfer to New Zealand through NZForex
  • Introduction to accountants, commercial lawyers, and other professional services
  • Introduction to the NZ Franchise Association plus you can pick up a free copy of Franchise Magazine when you visit our office
  • Advice on the feasibility of different types of business in addition to advice on which business types we consider are unlikely to be successful in an Entrepreneur Visa application
  • Advice on places to operate your business and places to live
  • Advice on schools
  • Other immigration advice and business advice as requested

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