Work to Residence Visa

Work to Residence Visas Explained

A number of visas that allow you to work in New Zealand can lead to residency. In fact, this is one of the most common ways that migrants get a residence visa. As a resident, you can stay in New Zealand for as long as you want and you can use most of the country’s public services.

There are several requirements you must meet before you can move from a temporary work visa to a residence visa. This includes living and working in New Zealand for at least two years. You must also meet health requirements and be of good character.

Work to Residence Visa Routes

  • Working in a job on the Long Term Skill Shortage List – if you work in an occupation on the Long Term Skill Shortage List you may be able to get a residence visa, providing you meet the eligibility criteria, which includes a base salary of at least NZ $45,000 per year.
  • Working for an accredited employer – employers in New Zealand can gain accredited employer status from the immigration authorities. If you work for one of these employers, you may be able to apply for residency. The eligibility conditions include a base salary of NZ $55,000 per year.

    Helping You Every Step of the Way

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